Mountain People Episode 2

A series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes

December 14, 2017

This blog is one of many in a series. To read the first Mountain People blog post, click here.

Adam and Morgan are SnowSports Academy Instructors for Boyne. On their day off, I caught them between laps at the top of Mountain Express.

Adam: Coming up here from downstate was a treat - every time. To see the snow on the way up - it just made it so much more exciting.

Morgan: Yeah, in fact, the bad road conditions were actually proof that you came at the right time. If you could barely keep your car on the road, that's how you knew it was going to be a good skiing weekend.

Adam: This was our escape - breaking free from our parents for the first time. As teenagers, this was the place you'd meet other kids, and just experience what that first bit of freedom is like as a young person.

Morgan: I guess honestly, growing up, the mountain was like a home away from home.

Adam: Yeah, it was nothing like home - up here, there was so much snow.
And for both of us - I mean, I started skiing when I was three, and so to me, it's like walking... or even like breathing - if I don't do it every day in the winter, it feels like something's missing.