Mountain People Episode 4

A series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes

December 29, 2017

James has interned with Boyne Mountain as part of his college education since May of 2016. He has spent time in Lift Operations, and now works in the Adventure Center.

"What I love about Boyne Mountain is the people...but I mean, the environment, the slopes, the drinks - all good too. An internship brought me up here, but I loved it up here so much I just stayed. I had never been here before then.

I'm from Chicago, and northern Michigan is so much different. The cold - that's the same. The snow - that's a little different.

When I first got up here, basically, I just loved it, right from the get-go. Everyone was super friendly - for them, they're just trying to enjoy themselves out's not about the job, it's about loving to go to work every day. The Adventure Center is a super easy-going environment, because you're dealing with people seeking adventure.

They're looking for fun, and you're the one go gets to give them that smile on their face and you can't really beat that.It's hard not to have a positive attitude when you're zipping through the woods on a Zipline Adventure Tour - for work."