Worry-Free Winter

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Introducing our Worry-Free Winter Assurance. During these unprecedented times, we know there are so many questions around next season. The Worry-Free Winter Assurance is designed to alleviate the uncertainty that you, our passholders, may have in committing to a 20/21 season pass. The Worry-Free Winter Assurance is included as part of your Boyne Pass purchase.

Two Basic Parts

How Does It Work?

First, we are committed to providing a full ski season to you, our most loyal customer. If for any reason our season is shortened, we will provide a credit to you towards a 21/22 season pass based on the percent that the season has been shortened.

Secondly,  if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about skiing in this upcoming season you can rollover the value of your pass to the 21/22 ski season. Deadline to rollover is December 10, 2020.

Example based on resort average days:
130 day Season Warranty - open 117 days = a 10% credit towards next season.

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    130 Days
    Our Season Guarantee
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    Dec 10
    Deadline to Rollover
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  • The assurance will provide a credit toward the purchase of any 21/22 season pass. 

  • The value of the credit will be based on the percentage of the 20/21 season your resort is not able to open for skiing. For example, Boyne Mountain's season is 130 days and we are only able to operate for 117 days, 10% of the value of your pass purchase would carry over as a credit toward the purchase of a 21/22 pass. The credit will be calculated when the resort closes for the season. 

  • How ever many days our season has been shortened, for whatever reason, you will receive the % of lost days as a credit towards next seasons pass.  

  • The value of any credit issued for your 20/21 pass could be applied to the purchase of any 21/22 season pass. You would be free to change the level of pass if desired. Credits would be non-transferable from the original 20/21 pass purchaser. 

  • You will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance. 

  • This program is included at no additional cost with all season passes purchased by June 22, 2020, including passes purchased on our payment plans. 

  • Yes, if for any reason the season were canceled - Covid-19, war, terrorism, or a natural disaster, then you would receive a 100% credit towards the purchase of a 21/22 season pass.

  • In the event a passholder is restricted from travel due to a local stay-at-home order, that exceeds 30 days prior to Jan 30, when the resort is open, and the pass is unused, a credit for the full pass value will be available for the 21/22 season.  

  • While we evaluate social distancing protocols that may be required for next winter season, we will stop selling our passes until later in the summer.  

  • The resort considers an open day as any day it is offering guests skiable lift access during scheduled operating hours for the day. 

  • If for any reason a 20/21 passholders feel uncomfortable about skiing in the upcoming season they can choose to defer the value of their purchased 20/21 pass toward any single pass available for the 21/22 winter season by December 10, 2020.  

  • No.

  • All passes purchased that have not been used during the 2020/21 season are eligible.  Promotional products (including Feel Free and Cherry Pickers Passes), multi-day tickets, ticket packs, and employee passes are not eligible for this program. 

  • Yes. Rollover is available to all age categories and pass types including BOYNE NoMi Passes. The passholder will receive a credit for the amount paid for their 20/21 pass. Actual age and/or pass categories for 21/22 passes will apply at the time of the 21/22 pass purchase based on each resort's policies.  The pass holder will be responsible for any cost increases if the passholder is no longer eligible for a pass and/or a pass product is no longer offered. 

  • No, deferred passes are non-transferable and may be used for the original 20/21 passholder only. 

  • No. Winter Rollover is only available for 20/21 passes that have not been scanned or used to access any resort eligible on the pass.  

  • Passholders who have not used their pass and would like to roll it over to the next season must submit a request their resort between September 10 and December 10, 2020.  Any requests after December 10 will be ineligible for the rollover program.  

  • Yes, you can purchase a different pass. If you decide to buy a lower priced pass product, you will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance. 

  • Ikon's Adventure Assurance is not available. The pass purchased is technically a BOYNE Pass and you are covered under the Worry-Free Winter Assurance. 

  • Yes! 

  • If the IKON Base Pass is used then the BOYNE Platinum Pass product is considered used and not eligible for a roll over credit.