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SkyBridge Michigan
World's Longest Timber-Towered Suspension Bridge.
Michigan Skybridge logo

SkyBridge Michigan

World's Longest Timber-Towered Suspension Bridge.
Skybridge Michigan Logo

The world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge is being constructed at Boyne Mountain Resort. Follow along!

SkyBridge Michigan is easily about to become “Michigan’s second bridge,” enticing travelers to take a walk on the wild side. Panoramic valley views and extensive light displays are a guaranteed camera pleaser. Open year round, every season has a reason to take in the views from this architectural masterpiece.

This new attraction is modeled after the wildly successful Gatlinburg SkyBridge at sister property, Gatlinburg SkyLift Park in Tennessee, and is an even more sensational work-of-art with its timber-frame design, a nod to the logging heritage of northern Michigan, with lumber sourced by long-time partner in resort growth, Matelski Lumber.

SkyBridge Michigan is being constructed between the peaks of McLouth to Disciples Ridge with an anticipated opening in September of 2022.  Guests will ride one of several chairlifts to the mountain’s top, then take a walk along the exhilarating 1,203-foot long and 118-foot high pedestrian bridge, and can also connect to Boyne Mountain’s extensive paved resort trail system.  To learn more, visit 2030.boynemountain.com.

LIVE! Watch Real Time Construction Coverage

SkyBridge Michigan Webcam

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Follow along as the SkyBridge Michigan is being constructed between the peaks of McLouth to Disciples Ridge.

SkyBridge Michigan Live Webcam Follow along as we construct the world's largest timber towered suspension bridge!

Week of May 9 | Towers Rising

Rise Up SkyBridge Michigan towers stand for the first time on May 12, 2022.

Check Out These Cool Progress Pics

SkyBridge Michigan Fun Facts

You asked, we answered

  • The SkyBridge has a whopping 1,203 foot suspended walking surface.  It's about the equivalent to walking a nice lengthy par 4 hole on the The Alpine or Monument golf course. 

  • The suspended walking surface is five feet wide. 

  • SkyBridge Michigan is designed for pedestrian, foot traffic only.  

  • The SkyBridge extends from the peak of McLouth, or near the top terminal of Mountain Express chairlift, goes over Ramshead, and lands at the summit of Disciples Ridge. 

  • The height of the timber towers is approximately 52 feet. The height above the lowest point of the terrain that you walk across is almost 120 feet high! That's two-thirds as tall as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, which stands 185 feet tall along the angle of its lean. 

  • The towers are constructed of wood timbers, sourced from Matelski Lumber right here in Boyne Falls, (glulams with 10x10 internal bracing), the main cable is galvanized steel, and the walking surface is steel framing with pultruded grating deck. 

  • Our good friends at Experiential Resources (ERi) - they also designed and installed the Gatlinburg SkyBridge in Tennessee. Todd Domeck is the incredible designer and ERi is working to construct the bridge at the summit of Boyne Mountain as we speak. Check out the live webcam! 

  • A thrilling chairlift ride to the summit ! Tickets will be available for purchase online in advance and guess what....SkyBridge Michigan is RFID compatible. This means you can reload your Go Card, the same media you use for lift tickets, with direct-to-bridge access. 

  • SkyBridge Michigan is set to open in September 2022. 

SkyBridge Michigan & Midwest's First 8-Place

Renaissance 2.0 Starts Now

The future of Boyne Mountain

SkyBridge Michigan being built Follow along as we construct the world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge at Boyne Mountain Resort. Opening early summer 2022.