SkyBridge Michigan
World's longest timber-towered suspension bridge.
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SkyBridge Michigan

World's longest timber-towered suspension bridge.

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    Top of Boyne Mountain
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    Chairlift Ride Included
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    Family Friendly
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    Panoramic Views
Play All Day
Your ticket includes all-day access to thrills and stunning views from the scenic chairlift and SkyBridge Michigan. Cross first thing in the morning, stay late to catch the sunset, or watch the changing landscape throughout the day. Lawn games, seating, and restrooms are located on Disciples Overlook.
Panoramic Valley Views Year Round
Venture along the 1,200-foot-long, 118-foot-high pedestrian bridge between McLouth and Disciples Ridge peaks, overlooking the Boyne Valley. Take the paved loop to see the bridge from all angles. Every season is a guaranteed camera-pleaser.
Eat Your Heart Out 
Eat and play to your tummy's content at the Eagle's Nest and SkyBridge Michigan Food Truck. Treat your taste buds to a Polish basket at the SkyBridge Food Truck, or stop by the Eagle's Nest for a drink before your descent.

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      • Tickets are non-transferable
      • Pro tip: Save time and $, buy online
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Bridge The Gap Between Hangry And Happy

SkyBridge Michigan Food Truck
Fall 2023

SkyBridge Michigan Hours

    • November 27-29
    • Closed
    • November 30-March 31
      Open Daily. *Weather Permitting
    • Daily: 3-9pm

SkyBridge Michigan Gallery

SkyBridge Michigan Fun Facts

You asked, we answered

  • SkyBridge Michigan is designed for pedestrian, foot traffic only.  

  • Due to the dynamics of a suspension bridge, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment are not permitted on Skybridge Michigan. Guests who are required to use wheelchairs or other mobility equipment (including walkers and crutches) may purchase a scenic lift ticket to view SkyBridge Michigan from the SkyBridge Loop, located at the top of the mountain.

     During the summer operating season (generally May through October), the summit of Boyne Mountain is accessible to guests with disabilities via the Hemlock and/or Express lifts if the guest is able to stand to load onto and off of the lift's chair.  Upon request, the chairlift can be slowed down or stopped for loading and unloading.  However, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment are not permitted on the chairlift and may be checked at the base of the lift. A limited number of wheelchairs are available, without charge, near the unload area at the top of each lift.

  • For the safety of our guests and furry friends, dogs are not permitted on the lifts or SkyBridge Michigan. For service animal inquiries, please contact our Customer Care team.

  • Due to safety and privacy concerns, Boyne Mountain prohibits the operation of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, on or above resort property without prior written authorization from Boyne Mountain.

    Read our complete drone policy here

  • Strollers are not permitted on lifts or SkyBridge Michigan.

  • The towers are constructed of wood timbers, sourced from Matelski Lumber right here in Boyne Falls, (glulams with 10x10 internal bracing), the main cable is galvanized steel, and the walking surface is steel framing with pultruded grating deck. 

  • Our good friends at Experiential Resources (ERi) - they also designed and installed the Gatlinburg SkyBridge in Tennessee. Todd Domeck is the incredible designer and ERi is working to construct the bridge at the summit of Boyne Mountain as we speak. Check out the live webcam! 

  • A thrilling chairlift ride to the summit! Tickets are available for purchase online in advance. After purchase, you will receive two emails: a confirmation email and a "Print at Home Ticket" email with your QR access codes. These codes are scanned at the base of chairlift and at the entrance of SkyBridge Michigan! You do NOT need to print the QR Codes. They can be scanned from your phone.

  • The maximum allowable wind speed during bridge operation is 35mph. Our team monitors wind speed closely and will close the bridge during a high wind event. If either lightning or thunder is present within a 15-mile radius of the site, SkyBridge Michigan must not operate or must be evacuated.  SkyBridge Michigan is able to operate during precipitation as long as visibility is adequate and walking surfaces are clear. 

LIVE! Watch Real Time Coverage

SkyBridge Michigan Webcam

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Take a LIVE look at SkyBridge Michigan, the longest timber-towered suspension bridge in the WORLD!

SkyBridge Michigan: How-To

SkyBridge Michigan: How-To Guide Your guide to having the best experience possible on Michigan's second bridge!

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Timber Talks | What to Expect What to expect when visiting SkyBridge Michigan.
SkyBridge Michigan & Midwest's First 8-Place

Renaissance 2.0 Starts Now

The future of Boyne Mountain

SkyBridge Michigan being built Follow along as we construct the world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge at Boyne Mountain Resort. Opening early summer 2022.

We are currently working with Google. to get ownership of our SkyBridge Michigan Business account. In the meantime, the information provided in google is inacurate. In the process of submitting proof of ownership.