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Home Blog Mountain People 11
Blog Mountain People 11

Mountain People Episode 11

A series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes

To some, social media is a way to keep connected with friends and family. To others, it's a way to be in the know in an ever-updating, changing, and fast-paced world. But for 13-year-old Bennie, social media is a way to follow the ski resort he loves more than anything in the world - Boyne Mountain Resort. No, he's not an incentivized ambassador...he's just our number one fan - retweeting every Tweet, liking every post - even his bio reads, "Boyne Mountain Lover and professional fun-haver at #BoyneMountain."  

"I first came to Boyne when I was 9 years old back in 2014. As soon as I saw that mountain I already knew I would one day be going down it. I absolutely loved it. I loved how the food was so great and the buffet at Everett's was always amazing. We used to book the rooms with the 2 beds right next to each other and I would always jump back and fourth between each bed. 

If you need someone to help you for whatever reason you can count on them to come help you. I also love how nice the resort is kept and how clean it always is. In simpler words, Boyne Mountain is amazing.

It was so inspiring coming here...just coming to the mountain and seeing people coming down. I knew that one day I would be one of those people going down the mountain - I just knew it! This past year in the summer I decided that the next time I came to the mountain I would need to learn a snow sport. Even in the summer I would ride the Hemlock chairlift and just admire the mountain and think "Man, I know one day I'll be going down this mountain." And this trip, I did! 

I'd have to say my favorite memory here was meeting Dan...he's a zipline guide. He took us on Segway tours and ziplining adventures. Each time we came here, I knew that I needed to say hi to Dan and do some adventures with him. I also took a ski lesson with Kathleen the SnowSports Academy instructor and we had a great time." 

We're so thankful to have Mountain People like Bennie who love the outdoors and come to our resort to spend time doing it. Huge shoutout to Bennie, our number one fan!