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Owner Services

Stay in the know.

When property owners need assistance or have questions, we make every effort to answer the call. Consult the list below for the appropriate contact to suit your needs - or call Owner Services at 231.549.7176, and we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for.

The Team Contact Information
Director of Owner Services/Rental Manager      Monica Spencer
Mountain Grand Lodge Owner Services Representative   Danielle Cameron
Boyne Mountain Owner Services Representative    Kim McCafferty
Owner Services Facilitator  

Jayne Howard
Vacation Home Attendant Manager   Dawn Bennett
Reservation requests/issues   Pam Planck, Reservations Manager
Security-related issues   Tony Plumb, Safety/Security Manager
Maintenance/plant facilities   James Gibbons, Plant Facilities Manager
Reception desk issues, mail, guest surveys, transportation   Erik Miller, Director of Lodging
Maximizing overall profitability of resort   Brad Childress, Revenue Manager
Interval International information and Boyne Vacation Club           Diana Troxel, Management Supervisor
Association budgets Tiffany Major, Association Accounting Manager
Director of Membership Keriann Lonnee
For you and your guests

Important Reminders

Please be courteous of your neighbors when you have multiple vehicles visiting your unit. Each unit is allocated two parking spaces directly in front of the unit and all other vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking lot. In addition, all trailers, RVs, and other non-passenger vehicles need to be parked in the overflow parking. If you are allowing others to use your unit, please inform them of this procedure.

Future Reservations

Remember that units fill up quickly with holiday and winter weekend reservations.  Keep in mind that we can book your unit up to five years in advance, so let us know if you would like to set up a stay schedule for the busy weeks of the year to ensure availability of your unit.  All of your reservations can be made through Owner Services, so please call us at your earliest convenience.  


Check in at the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa Front Desk upon arrival at the resort.  Checking in allows all departments to view the status of your unit and keeps everyone in correct communication regarding you and your guests. If you notice that your unit looks unoccupied while in the area or staying in your owner's unit, please call Owner Services before entering the unit for any reason.  If you are interested in renting it for personal use, we can also make last minute reservations for you if there are no arrivals expected.  

Association Dues

Dues are billed quarterly by your association, and are to be paid directly to your association.   All monies are kept in the association accounts and are used to pay the association expenses.  Dues do not include furniture reserves or housekeeping fees.  When sending in the payment, please note your unit number and association to which you belong.  Dues are reviewed yearly and adjusted accordingly by your association's board of directors.  Association billing is generated from the Boyne Resorts accounting office.  Inquiries can be directed to Tiffany Fiducia by calling 231.439.4768.  

Unit Reserve

The Boyne Mountain accounting department has secured a way, for your convenience, to include details of each charge submitted towards your unit reserve.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Owner Services for additional information.  We're hopeful this added detail will eliminate many questions and help you track your unit's expenses.

Country Club of Boyne

For all inquiries, please contact Keriann Lonnee, Director of Membership, at 231.526.3035 or klonnee@boyne.com.

Annual Association Meetings

  • Edelweiss Club: Saturday, October 17 | TBD | Graz 
  • Mountain Cabins: Saturday, October 10 | TBD | Graz 
  • Ramshead: TBD
  • Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa: Saturday, October 3 | TBD | Vienna
  • Deer Lake Villas: Sunday, October 4 | TBD | Graz
Owner Services


  • Click here to access the owner portal.

  • Boyne property owners participating in rental management can join Boyne Vacation Club, the most innovative vacation exchange plan in the world. Use your property as you wish, trade time for travel to other Boyne Vacation Club locations or exchange for vacations at over 2,200 resorts in 75 countries.

  • Q1 – April 15

    Q2 – July 15

    Q3 – October 15

    Q4 – January 15 of the following year

  • Not at this time.

  • Not at this time.

  • Service animals are permitted with the pet fee and waiver completed. 

  • Click here to find the Master Deed and By-Laws for your association!

  • Unavailable means the room type is sold out. It could be for something like a room block for a group or wedding and reservations just doesn’t have the rooming list yet. Booked means there is a reservation in the room for that time. In-House means there is a guest checked into the room right now.

  • Skitoberfest:

    First weekend of October.

    Owner's Weekends:

    First weekend of October & Last weekend of May.

    Carnival Weekend:

    Third weekend of March.

    Kids Festival Weekend:

    Second Weekend of March.