1 Boyne Mountain Rd
Boyne Falls, MI 49713
Boyne Mountain Resort Map


Boyne Mountain Airport

  • Runway icon
    80,000 lbs aircraft weight limit
  • Refueling Icon
    Self-Service Refueling (100LL)
  • Shuttle icon
    Shuttle available on-call (231) 549-6001

Boyne Mountain is a pilot-friendly, fly-in destination. Whether you're flying by private plane or charter service, Boyne Mountain is your most convenient choice. We offer a 5,200-foot paved and lighted runway, with instrument approach landing available. No reservations are needed, landing fees are required, but no charge for parking. Self-service refueling is available. Tie-down space is also available.

The updated pilots lounge is now open and ready to serve your crew. On-call shuttles are available at (231) 549-6001.


Landing Fees

Landing fees are charged to all general aviation aircraft operating at Boyne Mountain Airport. Landing fees are assessed at the time of arrival using the aircraft’s FAA certified MLW and billed by Vector Airport Systems at the following rates:

    • General Aircraft
      Up to 4,999 lbs.
    • No Charge
    • General Aircraft
      5,000 lbs. or More
    • $2.75 / 1,000 lbs. (Rounded) | $10 Minimum Charge
    • Official Aircraft
      Angel Flights. Federal, Military, & Michigan State Aircraft. Must be Registered to a Federal Government Entity.
    • Exempt


Length 5,200 feet
Width 100 feet
Weight Limit 80,000 lbs