From Newbie to Nirvana: First Time Spa Bliss

The Spa at Boyne Mountain has quickly become my favorite place at the resort if I'm not skiing. As someone who has never treated themselves to a spa day, I have a lot on my mind. From the robes, treatment options, and guest amenities - how does it all work?! I am here to say that spending your whole day at the spa is....EASY! As it should be, right?! My favorite part of the experience was being treated like a true king in a comfy, white robe. And because I had no idea what I was getting myself into, it felt appropriate to get the Signature Package and experience it all! 


The day started with a 90-Minute Swedish Massage. What begins as a Swedish massage goes full zen mode with warm oil, bamboo rollers, and a warm oil scalp massage to send you into blissful oblivion. Listen, feet weird me out as much as the next person, but let me tell you, having my hiking and ski boot-ridden feet rolled out by warmed bamboo sticks has become a core memory of mine. 


Up next, a 90-Minute Custom Facial. At this point, I had no idea what to expect. This treatment is customized to your individual skin type. For me, dry skin is often a problem from being outside. But, to my surprise, I had ZERO extractions needed. That's on healthy habits, people. To help bring me back to life, my specialist used the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum. It smelled delicious and helped brighten and hydrate my complexion before heading to my next stop.


Finally, we come to the Manicure and Pedicure treatments. As a guy, I have dabbled with polish on my toes before for fun, but never considered a proper pedicure. First, your feet are wrapped in a stonecrop mask and covered with heated slippers. Stonecrop is a succulent that brightens, hydrates, and tones your skin. While settling into this hour-long pampering session, I was greeted with a warm shoulder wrap that, quite frankly, almost put me to sleep. After my feet were unwrapped and my cuticles reborn, I was ready for color. I'm a technical guy, so the Dazzle Dry process was fascinating. After four quick coats on each set of nails, I was ready to go! (And for the men that prefer to keep those nails au natural, we get it....just don't skip out on the mani/pedi because of it!) 


Overall, my spa experience far exceeded my expectations. While I was a bit intimidated at first, from the moment I stepped foot into The Spa, the team made me feel welcome. They explained how everything works, showed me to the locker room, and let me know where to go next. My favorite part was easily the 90-Minute Swedish Massage. Coming in as a tight ball of stress and leaving in a state of bliss was terrific. From the attentiveness of my service providers to the quality of products used throughout my day of pampering, I cannot wait to come back and be treated like the king I think I am!



That's all from the spa. Now it's time to figure out what Rachel has been up to during my day of pampering.

Your Boyne Mountain Buzz Producer and Resort Photographer,

Kyler Phillips


Treat Yourself.

at The Spa at Boyne Mountain