Lake Life

It's been said that there's no problem that can't be solved at the lake.

And it's true. Whether we're standing beside rough waves crashing on the rocks or sitting in soft sand next to calm ripples at sunset, the effect is the same. There's something about being at the water that washes away every last ounce of worry - as if it never were there to begin with.

Life at the lake is a simple one, where life moves only as fast as you can float and where sand in your shorts is the only potential aggravation. The serenity of time spent at the lake is unmatched, so much so that time seems to cease to exist all together. The ocean could surely learn from the pure waters of the freshwater lakes of northern Michigan.We're lucky to be in the midst of some of the most beautiful little lakes, each one a hidden gem holding all the wonders of lake life.If you're on the hunt for a lake to make your up north escape, here are a few of our favorite lake destinations:

  • Pyramid Point: A one-mile hike with a million-dollar view overlooking Lake Michigan, this scenic vista is one that boasts a view of clear, teal water, that will have you wondering if Corona commercials are shot in the vicinity.  Though it's a longer drive from the resort, the drive itself is almost as beautiful as the hike.

  • Thumb Lake: Perhaps most beautiful in the fall season, Thumb Lake's isolation makes it precious in and of itself. Its small size makes it like a decorative reflective pool - which becomes especially spectacular when the trees come alive with color in autumn.

  • Deer Lake: Our personal favorite, Deer Lake is accessible from our resort property. Due to its shallow depth and small size, it warms up to a comfortable temperature early on in the summer season while the bigger lakes are still too cold for swimming. It's also known for some of the most terrific sunsets in the region.

  • Torch Lake: Less of a "hidden" gem, but nonetheless worth including, Torch Lake is home to some of the clearest waters outside of the tropics. The turquoise color has made the lake a photoshoot destination for many boat manufacturers. It's a great place for paddle boarders and all water sports enthusiasts. If you're not a fan of crowds, however, avoid Torch at all costs on the Fourth of July.

  • Walloon Lake: One of our closest neighbors, Walloon Lake is a tiny lake with a big history. Ernest Hemingway spent his boyhood summers at his cottage on Walloon, undoubtedly drawing inspiration later in life from the lovely lake. Formed by magnificent glaciers many years ago, the lake is a favorite for vacationers from far and wide.

These are just a handful of our favorite neighboring lakes, but there are hundreds more to choose from. Find yours this summer and dive into the lake life. 

Life is just better at the lake. Plan your trip to some of Michigan's finest and stay in the center of it all.