Make Your Spring...Spring-A-Licious!

February 22, 2018

"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." -Northern Michigan Saying

"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." -Northern Michigan Saying

Spring in Northern Michigan has it all.

One day, the sun gleams and our cheeks turn pink as we make turns through soft snow in our T-shirt. The very next day, we're nuked by the snowstorm of the century and we bundle layer upon layer to shiver our way up the lift to make first tracks through a fresh foot of heavy powder. The weathermen place their bets and carefully calculate their predictions, only to watch as Mother Nature's mood swings and their weather conjectures are dismantled in an instant.

But whether we're working on our goggle tan perfecting our slush cup technique or plowing our way through a heap of fresh snow, we're skiing - so we're happy. We're the last to pack away our winter jackets, but are happy to trade our goggles for shades. We love the variety pack of weather that is springtime in Northern Michigan, and while this unpredictable curveball weather leaves weathermen scratching their heads, we're happy to have it all.

At Boyne Mountain, we're giving you a chance to have all that springtime in Northern Michigan has to offer - for less. With our Spring-a-licious Pass, you'll get a little bit of everything.

Whether you use it gliding through fresh powder with chilly wind at your back or basking in the sunshine on hero snow, the Spring-a-licious Pass lets you ski and ride unlimited from March 3 through the end of the season.We don't know what Mother Nature will bring, but we're happy to take each flake and ray of sunshine as it comes. 

And... It's almost here!

The Spring-a-licious Pass is about to make its grand return, bringing you unlimited skiing and riding from March 1 through the end of the season for just $149. Sale begins Monday, February 26 - but it won't last long! 

Keep an eye on our season pass page and be ready to SPRING into action!

Be ready to SPRING for it!