Spring Stoke

Spring skiing is like dessert after a nice healthy meal - you fill up on the good stuff, then get a little wild during the afterglow. We've thoroughly enjoyed the excitement that comes with the first taste of snow, picked out some powder days, swallowed the cold ones, and now we're ready to sit back and bask in the glory of a warm, sweet end to the season. And yes, this amazing dessert includes some corn and mashed potatoes for all!


Faster Conditions

Contrary to popular belief, conditions are actually faster in the spring. There may not be much fluffy stuff falling, but this is when you'll find some very desirable corn conditions. It's not too hard, but not too soft. This is the perfect time to get out there and hit those morning cords before that snow softens up in the afternoon. They'll be fast and exuberating, so channel your inner Lindsey Vonn. 

More Enjoyable for the Kiddos

Kids have more fun. Period. They will last longer out on the slopes, there is less clothing to navigate, and they can finally stop fidgeting with the scarf on top of the gaiter on top of the face mask, giving Mom and Dad a little break!

Better Rates

We like to celebrate the end of the season with some relief on your wallet. Room rates drop and lift tickets get thrifty when you grab them in advance!

Longer Days 

The days are a little longer, and this year, Boyne Mountain is extending lift hours. This gives you the chance to do more with your day. With the new spring break hours, we'll be operating from 9am-6pm from March 26-April 4, weather permitting. 


More sunshine = less layers! Grab that colorful outer shell, a pair of rad shades, and enjoy the Vitamin D you've been looking for since September. And yeah, if you're chilling in a lawn chair with a Happy's burrito in one hand and a beer in the other... you're doing something right. 

Shorter Lift Lines

By this time, the rush of the weekend warriors has come to a simmer. There are less school trips and family vacations, and most people are here for the après as much as the spring snow. Less time in line, more time for laps and an adult beverage.

Spring Stoke

This season may not entail crowds and spring bashes... but spring skiing can still be surrounded with stoke. We're all wrapping up the season, getting our final turns in, and getting excited for the changing of the season. Maybe you're ready for that warm weather and summer activities, or maybe you're a snow junkie and would ask a genie for 365 days of January skiing. Either way, we can rest easy knowing that ski season isn't going anywhere long-term... Mother Earth will bring her back to us soon enough. So rock your Hawaiian shirts and jorts if you dare!