Take an Eco-Friendly Vacation

Sometimes being more eco-friendly can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, we've put together a few simple tips and tricks to lessen your environmental impact during your next trip to Boyne Mountain. 

  • Suck Less - Did you know that Boyne Mountain has been strawless since summer 2018? While you can still request a straw for your beverage of choice, you can also bring your own stainless steel sipper.
  • Bring Your Own - Plan on doing some local shopping? Bring your own bag. Coffee fanatic? Bring your own canteen. Simply bringing your own favorite gear bypasses the use of single-use bags and cups. Forgot your gear? Pick up a few of our favorites at Boyne Country Sports like the Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Tote or the Yeti 16oz Rambler.
  • Be at Home in Your Hotel - Do you wash your towels after every use? How about leaving your lights on while you're not home? No! Reduce water and energy usage by simply hanging your towels up to be reused instead of replaced by housekeeping. Also, turn the heat/ air conditioning down and lights off when you're not in your room to help save energy. 
  • Shop Local - While supporting local businesses is always an economy-booster, it's also more energy efficient by negating the shipping and transportation emissions.
  • Stick to the Beaten Path - Whether you're carving down the snow-covered slopes, trotting through the fields, or mountain biking through the trees, we ask that you stick to the trails. Staying on the path prevents erosion and protects the local plantlife.

Did You Know...?

Boyne Mountain recycles more than 66 million gallons of water annually for snowmaking! Water is sourced from many of the ponds on property for building the slope's base. In the spring, the snow melts directly into the water table and runs into the pond to be used the following season.