Two Minus One

So you've heard of this superstition to 'never call the last run'... right? Last run till' lunch, last run of the day, last run of the season... doesn't matter... don't call it. Because if you call it out loud, your chances of this last run not being a safe and smooth one automatically sky rocket. Why though? Where does this stuff even come from? I don't know, and I've done my readings on this so-called fact in the ski world, but I have never called it, and I never will. 

When wrapping up a ski day with my friend Molly, it usually goes something like this... 

"Sooooo what are we feeling? 3-minus? 2-minus?" 

You see you can't say "one more" or "okay, last one boys." Instead, you reference the one with a simple math problem. Or a "two more, but skip the last?" Simple enough!

I think we need to savor this two-minus this year guys. Last spring, we were abruptly having our final runs of the season with no preparation. No one expected their last day on the mountain to actually be their last day. Those last turns are special. They're the best ones you've had all season. They're worthy of hitting replay on that favorite song to shred to. They're a masterpiece of slushy 8's and jibbs down to the base. Soak it up ya'll.