12 Things To Do While You Wait For Winter

1. Wax your skis.

2. Check the forecast - that 76 degree day is no match for a Boyne Low-E Fan Gun, right?

3. Read the Farmer's Almanac. It's essentially the horoscope of the meteorology world, but hey, desperate times...

4. Shop the latest gear. Find a coat that brings out your eyes. You deserve it.

5. Wax your skis. Again.

6. Make your bi-weekly sacrifice to the Snow Gods.

7. Step outside. Go back in. Too warm out there.

8. Post a picture of snow on Facebook. Other people love to be reminded of snow in the summertime.

9. Wax your skis. A sixth coat ought to be plenty.

10. Practice your chairlift small talk.

11. Calibrate your thermometer. Hey, it's actually only 75 degrees out, and dropping!

12. Think Snow.