Today's Snow Report

April 1, 2018

Hello out there! This is your friendly neighborhood Boyne Mountain snow reporter checking in with today's report.

A lot of you weekend warriors have been asking us since Monday morning what this weekend's forecast looks like on the slopes. Although I looked into my crystal ball and made my usual ritual sacrifice to the sunshine gods, the weather in northern Michigan is about as easy to predict as whether or not your three year old in ski boots will be able to get in more than two runs prior to throwing a full-fledged hissy fit in the middle of the Magic Carpet.

In a word, I'd call today's conditions "variable". But it's that unpredictability that keeps life as a skier or snowboarder interesting, right? After all, who doesn't love a late January thaw? Who said slush cups are exclusive to springtime? Grab your umbrella and arc some soft denial turns because Global Warming is a hoax and you already took the vacation days.

Our weather station is calling for 2-4" of precipitation this afternoon!! Whether that precipitation will be snow, sleet, or the R-word (the precipitation type that shall not be named) has yet to be seen - but stay tuned! Pack your fat skis, your racing skis, your slush skis, handwarmers, a towel or two, sunglasses, and that poncho you paid 27 dollars for at Niagra Falls...just in case.

Our Terrain Park Update is brought to you today by the Boyne Mountain Ski Patrol.

The Terrain Park Crew has all of our terrain parks loaded with rail pipe things, jumpy thingys, one huge tube thing that leads to a giant ramp thing, and a handful of box slider thingys. So get out there and do a steezy hop-slide 550 board nose drop and show off your stuff! Those late-season fractures get you those mid-summer cast tanlines that are SO in right now. Stay tuned for the latest updates as the weather changes drastically minute by minute here in good ol' northern Michigan!  

And Happy April Fools' Day!