Two New Chairlifts

Boyneland & Superbowl Upgrades for the 2023/24 season.

Boyneland, a triple located in the beginner area, is being replaced with a four-person Dopplemayr fixed grip chairlift that will expand capacity and transport riders in nearly half the current ride time – under four minutes.  The new lift is being realigned for easier access within the base area starting about 120-feet uphill of the current Waffle Cabin location and unloading with a smoother turn to access the Boyneland slope. Once open, the new lift will become the gateway to the Disciples 8 lift, providing the quickest and most convenient route to all the family-friendly terrain within the Disciples Ridge area.  The new lift also features a child- and adaptive-friendly height-adjustable loading carpet, and increased load time, helpful for kids and beginners, and providing a more continuous ride for all passengers.

The Superbowl lift, servicing expert-rated terrain on the south end of the slopes, is being replaced with a three-person Dopplemayr fixed grip chairlift – the fastest in the Midwest at 2.5m/s - for more fun-filled laps in this popular area.The new lift offers a loading carpet and is being shifted downward to provide easier loading access and additional space at the top for an improved unloading experience. 

Installation Updates

August 23, 2023

And They're Up

All the towers on Superbowl and Boyneland proudly stand tall. Progress is evident as the upper terminal house on Boyneland nears completion, with the bull wheel securely installed. As we approach the first week of September, the intricate process of placing and splicing the Boyneland hull rope is set to commence, followed by similar strides on Superbowl.

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“Skiing is in our DNA, and with that passion, we think like skiers, and we think about what we would want, and what our customers want, and that is what’s driving forward our plans for the Midwest’s most advanced lift infrastructure at Boyne Mountain with the goal of raising the whole experience,” said Stephen Kircher, president and CEO of Boyne Resorts.  “Thinking long-term is one of our core values, and that’s what we are doing with our lift planning and Renaissance 2.0 projects - thinking not just 20 years down the road, but 50 and beyond - and the benefits to our customers now and into the future.”

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"These new lifts bring the latest technology to Boyne Mountain and provide our guests with the absolute best skiing and riding experience in the Midwest," said Jason Perl, general manager of Boyne Mountain Resort. "Better, faster lifts means more time on the slopes, enjoying the exhilaration of the sports, and time with family and friends."

The Most Modern Lift Infrastructure in the Midwest

Renaissance 2.0 Starts Now