Summertime in Northern Michigan

May 16, 2018

Maybe it's the 5-6 months of snowy, blowy, cold winter that makes green grass and sunshine so spectacular. Maybe it's the miles and miles of  fresh water that outlines our mitten-shaped state that beach days the best days. Or maybe it's the way our favorite tiny towns burst alive with festivals, food, and music that lets us stretch our arms into the warm glow of summer. Whatever the reason, summertime up here is unlike any other.

Michigan-Native, Kid Rock, said it best in his summer anthem, "All Summer Long":

It was summertime in northern Michigan...

Splashing through the sand bar

Talking by the campfire It's the simple things in life - like when and where

We didn't have no internet

But man I never will forget

And he's right.We won't forget the nights we spend huddled around a campfire at Deer Lake, swapping memories with sticky, marshmallow coated fingers. We'll always remember that fishing trip with dad, the weekend of camping with friends, or the solo hike through the woods. There's no internet, no PlayStation, no TV - and yet, we have it all.The forest is our PlayStation, the fishing line is our connection and all our problems are solved at the lake. This is our favorite summertime - summertime in northern Michigan. Here's a few Up North summer events coming up: