There's a new cat in town...

March 29, 2018

There's a new cat in town...and it's top dog.

Our Mountain Operations team has been playing with a brand new Park Pro 400 since October, cutting immaculate park features - including the massive kicker that housed the Sam Adams Air & Après event this January - and laying down perfect lines all over Boyne Mountain's slopes.

But the team got a brand new cat this month that you've surely seen roaming the slopes -  a PistenBully 600 Polar - and it does some pretty cool things. Here are the highlights:

  • The 600 Polar has more power and torque than a standard 600 and 90 horsepower, plus more torque than our Pisten Bully 400 snow groomers. That extra power means more powerful hydraulics - and a better chassis - which means better climbing and performance allowing our team to move more snow more quickly and more efficiently than ever.
  • The 600 Polar allows us better snow management, and in early season - more runs opened earlier due to increased snow pushing abilities.
  • This cat is the only one of its kind in Michigan, and only one of two in the Midwest. The other is a Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN.
  • The 600 Polar has Snowtronic Tiller Control, ensuring a consistent and smooth groomed finish in all conditions and times of the year.

All these factors mean simply that the 600 Polar can groom more snow, quicker and better than ever.

But a machine of this caliber comes at a cost. In fact, between the Park Pro 400 and the 600 Polar, we've invested just under $700,000 in our cat technology this year. With these new machines, partnered with our new BOYNE Low-E fan gun technology that was implemented at the beginning of this season to produce a higher quality snow base more efficiently than ever before, we're not only providing superior skiing and riding conditions, but also the longest season possible.

Just as our founder, Everett Kircher, continually strove for innovation, we're continually investing in our commitment to slope quality through new and improved technology - and that's worth every penny.