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Mountain People Episode 8

A series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes

February 4, 2018

Holly is an excellent skier, and on any given day of the week, there's a good chance you'll catch her carving turns down North McLouth. There's even a chance that she'll have several other skiers in tow - whether they're her own kids who she taught to ski, her "ski buddy" friends that also share the love of the sport, or the young skiers she teaches. 

"I used to work at the Mountain in high school, actually...I was a waitress in Stein Ericksen's. 
I grew up skiing here, too. We used to go to Walloon Hills, and went to Boyne Mountain for special occasions. But when Walloon Hills closed, this was the place to go.I ski raced for many many years, and I met my husband skiing, then we raced together.

After a little while, we had kids, taught them to know how it cycles. They all seemed to get into ski racing too, and so then we were kinda chasing them to all their races.

When I lived up here as a kid, I was in a program at school in Boyne Falls where we came to ski at Boyne Mountain. We'd come out on Thursday afternoons and learn to ski out here, and I thought that was so great because so many of my classmates didn't get that opportunity to learn to ski otherwise.

The program was initiated when Everett Kircher said the kids from the Boyne Falls school would always be able to come here and get ski lessons through the program. Back then, my mom was a volunteer and taught the lessons.And now, many years later, I am the one who gets to take the kids out on the hill and teach them how to do one of my favorite things - learn to ski."