Sunset Spotting

May 31, 2018

With summer's arrival, we're gearing up for another season of long days that end in spectacular displays of beautiful color as the sun makes its nightly departure.

It's been said that it's nearly impossible to watch the sunset without dreaming. And with the sunsets we've seen this summer, we've certainly found that to be true. Each sunset is unique - some are a grand finale as the sky erupts with color, others are a gentle fade of purples and oranges as the sun floats down below the horizon. Either way, we've never seen a sunset that we regretted watching. There's only so many summer sunsets left this year, so to make sure that you soak them all in, we're calling out all of our favorite spots to watch the show. 

1. Deer Lake
Maybe we're biased with this one, but Deer Lake's proximity can't be beat. On property just steps from the Beach House, Deer Lake's sunset shows are some of the most grand in the area. The simplicity of a single dock and a hilly tree line across this tiny lake turns into a silhouette backdrop for a tremendous display each night. Bonus points if you take in this view from a paddle board or kayak, available for rent at the beach.

2. Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse

Our neighbor to the north, Petoskey is a city on a hill with front row seats facing the sunset's stage. There are lots of places in town that overlook Little Traverse Bay, but there's no better vantage point for the sun's last hurrah of the day than at the pier. Garnished with a classic lighthouse, Petoskey's Pierhead is the quintessential sunset spotting location.

3. Walloon Lake

A small lake with a lot of personality, Walloon Lake is a hidden gem off the beaten path. Where Ernest Hemingway spent his boyhood summers, the sunsets as viewed from the shores of Walloon Lake are without a doubt, the source of inspiration behind many of Hemingway's classics. We can't help but feel inspired, either, when that sun drops below the horizon and the warm glow shone by the sun has a similar effect in our hearts.

4. Petoskey State Park

If you want a clear line of sight between you and the sun's grand exit, Petoskey State Park's beach is the place for you. Home to some prime hammocking spots, this state park also features camping, hiking, beaching, and all your favorite summer activities - including sunset spotting. 

5. Avalanche Preserve

Overlooking downtown Boyne City and Lake Charlevoix, Avalanche Preserve rests at the top of 476 steps. If those don't get your heart rate up, the view will. The topography surrounding the lake is illuminated at sunset, as the lake becomes a reflecting pool and the sky becomes the playground for the sun's last light to create spectacular displays.

6. Boyne City Marina

On an after-dinner stroll through downtown Boyne City or from a hammock in Veteran Memorial Park, the day's grand finale is extra grand when viewed at the marina in Boyne City. The bridge on Lake Street and the adjacent grassy park make this sunset spot convenient, yet magnificent. The silhouette of sail boats and fishermen add detail to the classic pinks, oranges, and purples that light up the sky.

7. The Inn at Bay Harbor

Just like everything else at The Inn, sunsets here are top notch. Bay Harbor's position is ideal for year-round sunset viewing, but the summer sunsets are our favorites. Here, you can se the sun glow its way from beautiful orb to tiny sliver of light, all the while casting color and reflections into the big lake under a big sky.