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The Spa FAQ

  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid being charged in full.

  • In order to have the most treatment choices and options, we encourage guests to schedule service appointments two weeks in advance.  Although it is possible to walk-in and schedule an appointment, availability becomes limited and in many cases we are fully committed with other guests.  Want to avoid the crowds? Try reserving a treatment during off-peak hours or during the week (non-holidays).

  • In addition to a swimsuit, bring attire for other activities you plan to enjoy: light, comfortable attire for fitness activity, gear and boots for hiking, sneakers for an exercise class at The Spa at Boyne Mountain, or comfortable clothing for dining in a restaurant.

  • Please be courteous to others - turn off ringers, keep phone conversations to a minimum.

    • A spa is a great place to get a little alone time, so it's best to not bring children under age 16. Select teen facials are available for youth ages 12 and up.  Salon services are available for youth of all ages.
  • Be sure to speak up. All aspects of treatment can be modified to your taste: amount of light, kind (or absence) of music, temperature, and whether or not you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. If you want the therapist to give you a deep massage, or be gentler, let him or her know. Also, feel free to ask questions. Your therapist will enjoy knowing your thoughts and clarifying any issues you may have. If any part of your experience is unsatisfactory, first tell the therapist. If the response isn't helpful, speak to a manager of the spa.

  • Please keep conversations at a low volume in treatment areas, especially the relaxation room.

  • Try not to eat for at least an hour before a treatment, and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and afterward, especially if you plan to take a fitness class or enjoy heat therapy, such as a sauna, steam, or whirlpool.

  • Being respectful of your environment is part of the spa experience. Use only the number of towels necessary: washing them uses water and electrical, which are limited resources in some communities. If you spend time in nature, don't leave any trash behind.

  • On arrival at the spa ask for a tour prior to your treatment. The tour will acquaint you with your surroundings and introduce you to the spa facilities, such as saunas, steam rooms, outdoor pool, fitness room and relaxation rooms.  Each of our spas offer different amenities, and as a spa guest complimentary access to the facility is available for the day.   The Spa at Boyne Mountain also offers fitness classes complimentary to spa guests.  Feel free to arrive as early as you would like before your appointment time in order to fully enjoy the facilities.

  • To order a customized spa gift card, please call The Spa or visit our gift card website at

  • A 15% spa gratuity and 5% service fee will be added to all treatments.  Individual gratuities for superior service is always appreciated.

  • It is our pleasure to host a private spa event.  Please call 231-549-7948 for details.

  • If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Also, tell the technician if you're wearing contact lenses before you have a facial.

  • On the day of treatment, try to stay out of the sun and avoid alcoholic beverages. Also don't schedule a physically demanding endeavor after a spa appointment. When in doubt, contact the spa to ask whether it is advisable to engage in a particular activity prior to your appointment.

  • In your spa locker you will find a robe. It is important that you are comfortable and able to relax. Treatment protocol provides you with modest draping throughout your services; however, for your comfort and privacy, you may wish to wear a bathing suit or underwear for your services. At The Spa at Boyne Mountain the locker room facilities including cedar sauna, steam, and whirlpool are clothing optional.

  • Ideally arrive 30 minutes early so you can enjoy an unhurried transition into the spa. If you are late, your treatment time will be shortened. After a treatment, it's customary to vacate the room within a few minutes, though you are welcome to spend additional time unwinding in the spa's relaxation or waiting rooms.

  • In order to continue your spa regime at home, all spa products are available in our retail boutique. To replenish your supply, a simple telephone call to The Spa will bring the products of your choice right to your door. Gift cards will also be mailed to you or directly to the recipient.

  • If you must shave, do so at least two hours before your scheduled appointment, particularly if you're a man receiving a facial or a woman receiving any kind of scheduled bodywork.

  • Smoking is not allowed in our spa or hotel facilities

  • If you prefer either a male or female therapist don't hesitate to let your choice be known. Also, if you have enjoyed the services of a particular therapist on a prior visit, feel free to request that person.

  • Before entering a soaking pool, swimming pool, or whirlpool, always shower. When enjoying a sauna or steam, always sit on your towel and wear the plastic shoes provided by the spa. Women should not shave their legs in the steam room.

  • In order to avoid all worries and stress, leave all jewelry and valuables at home or in the hotel safe box.