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Home Season Pass FAQ
Home Season Pass FAQ

Season Pass FAQ

  • For Winter 2020/21, we have modified the layaway monthly plans. You can elect to pay by payment plan through June 22 (previously April 30), and the monthly installments have been adjusted by a month. The BOYNE Gold, Silver, and Bronze are the only passes eligible for the payment plan. 

    You'll have to put $50 down and then the remaining balance due will be divided into four equal payments that are automatically withdrawn from your account on July 1, August 1, September 1, and October 1. For those guests that have already elected to be in a payment plan for Winter 2020/21, your payment plans will be as scheduled previously - June 1, July 1, August 1, and September 1, unless you request your plan to be changed by contacting the season pass office at seasonpass@boyne.com by May 15, 2020.Please note: you cannot pick up or use your pass until the pass is paid in full. 

  • Our typical season pass early season pass pricing deadline is April 30. However, for Winter 2020/21 we have pushed that deadline to June 22. This also includes pushing the deadline of the Youth Add-On Sale. 

  • We will be launching promotional pass products (like our December to Remember and Spring-a-licious), Cherry Pickers frequency products, and multi-day lift ticket later in the year, but the core pass products currently listed are all that will be offered for the 2020/21 season. All passes will go OFF sale on June 23, 2020 with possiblities of limited quantities remaining this fall. 

  • In an effort to simplify our product offerings, age ranges have been changed for the 2019/20 season. 

    Youth | 6-17

    Adult | 18-69

    Senior | 70-79

    All 5 and under and 80+ year olds ski and ride free. 

  • Basing our season pass pricing on demand, much like we do lift tickets, will allow us flexibility to work with pricing in the later seasons and better accommodate our guests. Our early spring prices are designed to be the best offer throughout the entire season pass sale. 

  • This season we took a long hard look at our pass product offerings and decided to discontinue some of the passes we offered last season. There were varying reasons why certain passes are being discontinued this season, but the general reason is that the passes did not align with our business goals. Some of the passes that we tried out last season were "tests" in the market, and are not guaranteed to be offered the following season.

    We are excited to welcome back the Feel Free Pass for 2019/20 and offer a huge discount on youth passes during the early season sale.

  • At the end of every season we evaluate the passes we offer our guests, and reserve the right to change offerings. This may include bringing back a previously discontinued pass. At this time, we do not have any plans to bring back the Family Pass. We are returning to a more traditional approach with BOYNE Passes. 

    We are excited to bring back the Feel Free Pass for 2019/20! 

  • You may submit your feedback to Boyne Mountain Feedback at FeelFree@boynemountain.com. Expect a response, if warranted, in 24-48 hours. 

  • The BOYNE Gold pass has the most flexibility.

  • The BOYNE Bronze and Bronze Plus passes are designed for those people who prefer to ski/ride at non-peak times.

  • Times vary based on surges and busy times. We try to have passes processed as quickly as possible.

  • Night sessions are scheduled to begin Christmas week and run through holiday break. After holiday break, night sessions are offered Wednesday - Saturday, 5-9pm. Starting date varies depending on weather. Night session conclude the Friday before Carnival/Krazy Daze Weekend. 

  • Yes, there is a 15% retail discount with the BOYNE Gold. Silver, Bronze, and Bronze Plus qualify for a 10% discount.

  • As a BOYNE Gold Passholder, you're a member of the First Tracks Club! On weekends and holidays beginning after Christmas, the Mountain Express chairlift at Boyne Mountain will be open at 8:30am for First Track Club members. (Subject to change based on availability).

  • Yes, simply provide your Boyne Rewards account number when purchasing your pass either online or at the season pass office. Purchase before May 1, 2019 to receive double Boyne Rewards points! 

  • The Season Pass Office is located in the Skier Services/Civic Center lobby, enter on the west side of the building. There is also a pickup window on the outside of the office facing the Mountain Express chairlift. 

  • The season pass office hours are normally 9am-5pm. These times can vary throughout the season, please call 231.549.6016 to verify before visiting.

  • You may contact the season pass office at Boyne Mountain Resort by calling 231.549.6016 or emailing SeasonPass@boyne.com

  • Certain season passes may qualify for the payment plan during early season sales, where you pay monthly until the season begins. You'll need to fill out a payment plan application located at the season pass office.

  • The BOYNE Gold Pass includes tubing. Guests can add tubing onto The BOYNE Silver, BOYNE Bronze Plus or BOYNE Bronze for an additional rate of $50.

  • For purchases through October 31, age will be determined by the passholder's age as of November 1. For purchases beginning November 1, age will be determined by the age of the passholder on the date of purchase.

  • Children ages 8 and under who participate in Boyne Country Sports "Junior Has-A-Fit Program" are eligible to purchase a BOYNE Playground Pass. Seniors age 70 + who were BOYNE active passholders during the 2013/14 season are grandfathered into eligibility to continue to purchase a BOYNE Active Pass so long as they continue to do so yearly - expires 2023/24.

  • Charging privileges are available for certain season passes, with a valid phone number, credit card and signature on file. There will be a maximum credit limit of $750 per month. This account balance will be automatically charged to the credit card on file each month.  The account will automatically be closed if there are any issues with payment. Some restrictions apply.

  • Some passes include discounted lodging (up to 20% off regular rates), only when reservations are booked within seven days of arrival. Some blackout dates and restrictions may apply.

  • At Boyne Mountain, pool and fitness centers are not available to any passholders unless they are lodging with us during their visit. Pool and fitness areas will only be accessible with a room key beginning in 2019/20.

  • There is a replacement fee of $50 for lost season passes.

  • Returning passholders must have a new photo taken every two years. New pass applicants can upload a photo online by logging in to their account anytime, by visiting the season pass office to have their photo taken, or email the season pass office at seasonpass@boyne.com to submit a new one.